Noves sabatilles ID Eight Hana Cherry Pop Corn

Noves sabatilles ID Eight Hana Cherry Pop Corn

Pot 24, 2023

Sabatilles de crispetes Hana Cherry are a delightful treat, boasting a unique color combination centered around a captivating central insert and complemented by a subtle pink hue. The candy pink laces add a harmonious touch, enhancing the light blue tongue and the gentle pastel yellow used to outline the eyelets. What's truly remarkable is the upper material, crafted entirely from corn-derived fabric developed by an Italian company. Not only does this material boast a low environmental impact, but it also features a high bio-based content, making these sneakers a sustainable choice for eco-conscious individuals.

About ID Eight.

The ID.EIGHT sneaker brand emerges from the captivating union of South-Korean shoe designer Dong Seon and Italian brand manager Giuliana, both professionally and personally linked. United in their passion, they breathe life into a 90s-inspired collection of sustainable, cruelty-free sneakers crafted entirely in a small factory within Italy's Marche region. Showcasing their commitment to the environment, the brand utilizes innovative low-impact materials sourced from waste processing, including apple and grape skins, recycled cotton, and polyester derived from plastic waste. With Dong's fashion design background and Giuliana's architectural expertise, their union creates a powerful synergy that drives ID.EIGHT's unique aesthetic and sustainability-driven vision. Together, they embark on a journey to redefine sneaker culture, and their inaugural creation, the Hana Fluo, captivates with neon yellow accents reflecting Seoul's vibrant nightlife and a wave-shaped sole symbolizing a rebirth of environmental consciousness.

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